Network Equipment

Network Equipment

Optical Switch NSW Series

Customizable optical switches with excellent reliability and track record of use with its rapid fault detection and path switching at the physical layer, the NTT-AT optical switch unit, NSW series, enhances the reliability of your network especially for Optical Path Protection (OPP).


Provides a robust, retentive switching function to ensure no interruptions even when a failure occurs. - Power outages, etc., will not lead to a major incident because of adoption of the movable fiber approach ensures retention of the optical path even in the absence of power.

Economical solution because there are a large number of ports and the initial cost is half that of products from other vendors. Redundancy can be achieved at low cost.

Sixteen channels can be housed and a large number of ports are provided per unit. This reduces both the required rack space and the cost per channel.

Extensive track record in providing high reliability

NTT-AT's optical switch, introduced in 2002, was the first commercial optical switch in Japan.


Product Specifications : Base Unit (NSW-BU-02)

Number of slots 4
Number of Channels 16CH (Max)
Size Rack Mount 1U Width 480 x Depth 405 x Height 44mm *1
 Power Input Voltage  AC 85 ~ 250V 
Power Consumption 50W>
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 55°C
Operating Humidity 15 ~ 85% (non condensing)

Notes  *1 Not including projections


Product Specifications: Module

Types of Optical Switch 1×2, 2×2, 2×4
Optical Switch Operation Self maintenance type (maintain the power-off state)
Compatible Optical Fibers SM MM 50μm
 Optical  Loss Detection Level  approx. -40dBm~+10dBm
Switching Protection Time 0-17000msec (1msec scale)
Wave Length SM: 1300nm~1600nm, MM:850nm, 1300nm
Insertion Loss with automatic switch: 2dB ≥*without automatic switch?1dB≥*2
Optical Connector SC/SPC, LC/SPC, SC/APC

Notes  *2 Not including connector


Product Functions*3


Automatic Changeover / Manual Switch / Remote Surveillance /  Remote Control / Grouping Linkage / Switch Protection / Switch Mode

System Management

SNMP v1, v2C, v3 / Remote Confirmation RADIUS, TACACS+

High Availability

syslog / 3 types of account authorities / NTP Time / Synchronization / Fail-safe / External redundant power supply / Hot Swap

Notes  *3 Functions differ according to the module model. Please  contact us for more details.



Compact  Optical Switch - CSW Series

Switches the optical paths in the physical layer  without interrupting network services. Manufactured by NTT Advanced Technology Corporation,, Japan (NTT AT) CSW brings dedicated protection switching  to optical networks for a reasonable cost.

Regular surveillance of optical  power and physical switching to  instantly restore networks

Dramatically cut network downtime by switching in  the physical layer. Realizes an extraordinary  availability of over 99.9999%! CSW’s automatic  switching of the optical paths greatly reduces the  network operating cost.

Passive optical device puts  top priority on Fail-Safe  operation

Because it is a passive (transparent) device, even  in the case of a power outage, the network  communication itself is not affected. Also, the  CSW brings high flexibility, applicable to all types  of optical transmission, regardless of the  communications protocol.


Product Specifications

Size (mm)  266 (W) x 150 (D) x 42 (H)

Optical Switching Time 10 msec (max)

System Management Web GUI, SNMP, Telnet, CLI


Robotic Fiber Switch -  ROME500

ROME (Robotic Optical Management  Engine) is L1 switch, realizing optical  connection automated by robot. ROME enables smart  fiber management at  Data Centres and Laboratories. ROME enables physical fiber connections to be made automatically, remotely, quickly, and without on-site manual intervention.

ROME500 manages optical cross connection automatically by robotic mechanism. Compared with MEMS and  O-E-O methods, ROME500  has the advantage of low insertion loss and maintaining connectivity




Main Chassis: 17.4”(442mm) Width, 17.5”(443mm) Height, 31”(791mm) Depth, 211lbs(95kg)

LCU : 17.5”(444mm) Width, 1.7”(44mm) Height,  27.5”(698.25mm) Depth, 24lbs(11kg)

Power Supply

(per PSU)

LCU: 100-240V, 50/60Hz 4A or -48/-60 V, DC 8A

Main Chassis: Supply from LCU

   Fiber   512 Fibers

Fiber Type

Single Mode SMF-28e, Multi-Mode OM4

Insertion Loss  

1.0dB Max (patch panel to patch panel)

0.5dB (Typical)

  Return Loss

Single Mode : -50dB (UPC), -60dB (APC)  Multi-Mode : -25dB

  Rack Size

Main Chassis: 19”, 10RU  LCU : 19”, 1RU

  MGMT Interface   RJ45(Ethernet) DB9 (Console)


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