Fiber Optic Tools

Fiber Optic Tools

Choose from wide range of fiber optic accessories and tools from leading manufacturers for your fiber Patch Cord manufacturing, fiber-optic installation, repair and maintenance.


Kevlar Scissor - Make Miller              

  • Durable, lightweight & ergonomic shears ideal for cutting Kevlar® strength fibers & aramid yarns, as well as other tough application materials including dyneema & synthetic cords.
  • Single micro-serrated blade reduces slippage & produces clean cuts every time.
  • Blades are constructed from high-carbon molybdenum & vanadium steel to ensure longevity



Fiber Optic Stripper- Make Miller(3 Hole)

  • Three-hole model performs all common fiber stripping functions in one compact tool….
  • Hole for removal of 2 to 3 mm fiber jackets
  • Remove 900 tight buffer to 250 micron buffer  coating
  • Standard 250 to 125 micron stripping
  • Best-fit minimum diameter (minor diameter)



Fiber Optic Crimping Tool –  Make Pro'sKit            

  • New mechanical design, up to 30% crimping force saving than regular crimper.
  • Made from high quality carbon steel with black oxide finished for anti-rust.
  • High Crimping quality due to precision dies & integral lock.
  • Ergonomically shaped non-slip TPR Handle for user comfort.
  • The ratcheting mechanism provides high effort saving & good pressure adjustment.
  • OAL: 225+/- 2mm




Covered Cable Stripping Pliers make Pro's Kit    

  • Universal Stripper for 3.1x2.0mm FTTH drop cables with steel wire or FRP strength member.
  • Made of zinc alloy steel with PVC non-slip handle.
  • Applications : FTTH crop cable , fiber cladding diameter 125 μm
  • Applications : FTTH crop cable , fiber cladding diameter 125 μm







Fiber Optic Cleaver Pen     

  • Wide, 45° inclined carbide tip for easy cleaving.
  • Light weight, pen-size body clips to shirt pocket and features a comfortable finger grip.
  • Length: 120 mm, tip Ø 3,1 mm






Lint Free Tissues(KIM Wipes)      

  • light-duty wiper that handles delicate tasks with finesse
  • Precisely cut edges that give you a lint-free clean surface with every wipe
  • Non-abrasive
  • One at a time dispensing system reduces wastage, making Kimberly Clark Science Kimwipes cost efficient






Visual Fault Locator(1 & 10Km)      

  • Dynamic distance: about 10km Fiber optic adapter: Universal connector
  • New unique pen shape design, convenient to carry and field test. Stable power output, low power, outstanding performance.
  • CW and glint mode switchable, aluminum alloy enclosure. Easy identification of fiber break, bend, you can protect the fiber layer
  • Widely used in fiber optic transmission, network maintenance and optical fiber test instruments.
  • Portable and rugged, easy to use, 2.5mm & 1.25mm for SC,ST,FC and LC Connectors.
  • Locate the fiber failure, such as fracture and bend
  • Fiber recognition from head face to end face
  • Easy to change the ceramic core. Extend the using time.
  • Strong light source, strong penetrating power, stable property.





Easy Mix Dosier Pistole      

  • Very robust and unbreakable
  • Made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (polyamide). 
  • Equipped with a metal transport lift. 
  • The modern mixing and dosing system enables precise, automatic dosing, mixing and application of the Easy-Mix types in just one operation. 
  • Ensures consistent quality and process reliability within series production.
  • Suitable for all easy mix types & PE-PP.