EASYCHECK AF Autofocus Fiber Endface Inspector

EASYCHECK AF Autofocus Fiber Endface Inspector

Dimension introduces EasyCheck Autofocus(AF) Fiber Endface Inspector for speedy and accurate visual inspection. In manufacturing of optical components, the widely used manual focus inspector is usually the bottom neck of testing efficiency. The operation of manual focus inspector relies on the experience of the operator, it takes a longer inspection time and the inspection accuracy could be various depending on the training level. Easycheck AF with new digital video solution improves the inspection efficiency with high resolution image and precise auto focus procedure. The view-angle adjustable monitor and foldable design help to make the inspector more user friendly.

Main Features

  • Fast-autofocus?Improve the efficiency of visual inspection                 
  • Vertical foldable screen?Improve testing experience
  • Digital solution with high image resolution 
  • Convenient adapter storage 
  • Network accessible
  • Record traceable
  • Various and compatible adapters
  • Selectable magnifications: 80X, 200X, 400X                       


Main Applications

  • Visual Inspection for Fiber connectors, Transceivers, TOSA/ROSA.


Fast-autofocus & Improve inspection efficiency       

Offers one-click autofocus mode and fully autofocus mode. Simplifies the visual inspection, improves the testing accuracy, consistency and efficiency. 





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