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Welcome To G P Net India Pvt. Ltd.

G P Net India Pvt. Ltd. is a provider of solutions in technical abrasive materials, with unique expertise in finishing of Fiber Optic Connectors, Automobile Engine Components and Automobile Vehicle body. We connect expertise to inspired ideas, products and services while creating a relevant, memorable difference in the lives of our clients and their customers. At G P NET, we focus a universe of knowledge and solutions to help you achieve perfection in each and every tiny detail. G P NET is committed to the continual evolution of our business model in order to support our customers and industry with convenience, high quality, short delivery time and competitive prices.

G P Net India Pvt. Ltd. distributes technologically advanced products and has a strong relationship with manufacturers to ensure cutting edge supplies are available for our customers. We form strategic partnerships with suppliers to ensure that our customers receive the best-in-class products and services available.

Our comprehensive product offerings consist of Polishing films, Epoxy, Fiber Optic Network Equipment, Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels and various types of Bonded and Coated Abrasives along with Polishing Accessories. In addition, we work closely with suppliers to exceed our customers expectations by looking toward future advances in technology.

We offer strong solutions based on market experience and comprehensive insights into customer needs, enabling you to realize competitive advantages and improve profitability. While industry has experienced many changes over the years, relationships with our customers remain strong and growing – built on a solid foundation of trust, tradition and technological innovation. Our customers are managing increasingly complex businesses and choose a relationship with G P NET to help them handle the challenges of today and the opportunities of the future.

In a market that requires quality products at competitive prices, we continue to grow by reputation of being able to provide this with courteous, knowledgeable customer service and prompt delivery. We assume a responsibility to maintain sufficient stock levels of our Supplies. We value and listen to our customer feedback to help us expand our range with the products you need! We are growing and expanding our product range every month. If there is a product which we don't have, we would be more than happy to source it for you!


  • To provide technically advanced abrasive products that fulfill our customers need for high quality, low prices and short delivery times.
  • To provide efficient sales service and expert technical assistance.


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