Optical Connector Polisher ATP-3200

Optical Connector Polisher ATP-3200

Optical Connector Polisher ATP-3200

Highly efficient polishing machine that can handle not only standard optical connectors, but also prototype polishing of various kinds of connectors from small volume to mass volume production.

High-yield polishing

The unique polishing paths result in effective utilization of the polishing film that will drastically reduce polishing cost of the connector.


Improvement in fiber height variation


In conventional polishers, all connectors pass over the same spots on the polishing film during polishing process. As a result, debris from previous polishing steps will affect the end faces of most or all the connectors produced. In contrast, with the ATP polisher series, the polishing path for one connector overlaps only with those of the adjacent connectors. Therefore, even if there happens to be a foreign body on the film, this does not affect the remaining connectors. This unique polishing path control mechanism achieves an unprecedented high first-run polishing rate for the surface quality of the connector end face.
In addition, the polishing paths can be adjusted by connecting the ATP-3000 to a computer. The duration and speed of the polishing process and the polishing path can be set in advance for each target item, such as SC/AdPC (APC) connectors or MT-24MM connectors. The polishing operator do not need to change the settings during each production run. This eliminates faulty processing due to human error. When a computer is connected (RS-232C/USB), you can input a process program, adjust the polishing paths, and operate the polishing machine remotely. This makes it possible to link several polisher machines in order to automate the production line, or introduce centralized control to meet expansion in production capacity.


ATP 3200
Dimensions 300*430D*290H (mm)
Weight 25kg
Power AC 100 to 240V, 240W


Single Polish (PC) ROC (mm) 10
Affex Offset(μm) <50
Fiber Protrusion(μm) <0.05
Single Polish (PC) RX (mm) >2000
RY (mm) >5
< Angle (degree)
Fiber Protrusion (μm) 1~3.5

Various of jigs are available along with the machine