3D Interferometer

3D Interferometer

3D Interferometer

Precision measurement of the optical connecter end-face shape is essential because the end-faces of the connected optical connectors need to have an appropriate convex spherical surface to ensure a stable and reliable connection.

The 3D optical connector end-face measurement system developed by NTT-AT, Japan incorporate a non-contact interferometer microscope that automatically measures the end-face shape of single-/multi-core connectors. It complies with the relevant IEC standard.

The operational quality of an optical connector production line can be improved with a compact chassis and high-speed measurement capability, in addition to high measurement accuracy and ease of handling.



  • Compact and portable design
  • Specialized PC is not required
  • High resolution optics and Fast measurements - Its high-performance image sensor, which has a wide field of view and high resolution, achieves extremely accurate measurement without pixel loss. Compared with the SMX series, the MAX series enables even higher-resolution measurement (model dedicated to single-core) or even higher-speed measurement (models dedicated to multi-core or dual-purpose single-/multi-core)


  • Wide range of fixtures - Easily exchangeable various types of mounting jigs are available for the machine.


  • No Anti-vibration table required.
  • Easy to use Interface.


  • Suitable Design for mass production
  • Report Output Function