3M Diamond Pad Conditioner

3M Diamond Pad Conditioner

3M Diamond Pad Conditioner

Manufactured by 3M

Reliable pad conditioning performance

The chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) process relies on getting the most out of each pad in terms of performance and wear. 3M™ Diamond Pad Conditioners refresh your CMP pad surfaces, minimize wear, and maintain consistent asperities and consistent pad performance from wafer to wafer. The patterned diamond grid with highly controlled spacing helps enable you to better predict and optimize your CMP pad usage, for better planarization efficiency — time after time.

3M™ CMP Pad Conditioner Coatings

Enjoy effective conditioning for metal-sensitive processes. 3M™ CMP Pad Conditioner Coatings are a durable layer over the pad conditioner, which can help reduce metal leaching by up to 75%. The coating combines with powerful 3M sintered abrasive technology to further minimize micro and macro scratching defects.

Controlled Performance

  • 3M™ Diamond Pad Conditioner diamonds are firmly secured with 3M proprietary sintered abrasive technology
  • Controlled diamond spacing and protrusion results in excellent pad planarity
  • Tight flatness specification for 3M disks enhances pad wear uniformity and pad planarity

Increased Pad Life

  • Customizable pad conditioners for your preferred conditioning aggressiveness
  • Longer disk life helps you reduce maintenance and cost of ownership

Responsive Support and Supply

  • Multiple geographically independent 3M manufacturing and research facilities around the world provide prompt, local technical support and supply

Pad Features 

  • 3M proprietary high-temperature sintered abrasive technology locks diamonds in place with both mechanical and chemical bonds in a special metal matrix  
  • Edge exclusion zone provides zero diamond fractures on the conditioner edge — where stresses are at their highest
  • Choose from our extensive library of diamond pad conditioners or customize your own
  • 3M™ CMP Pad Conditioner Coatings can be factory-added to help minimize metal leaching and defectivity


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