SmartCheck Integrated Fiber Endface Inspector

SmartCheck Integrated Fiber Endface Inspector

Smartcheck is the first intelligent endface inspector developed by Dimension Technology. It has many automatic intelligent functions such as auto analyze, auto focus and auto change fiber functions. It makes inspection smart and efficient.


Main Features                         

  • Automatic Analysis
  • Automatic Decision
  • Automatic Focusing
  • Automatic Fiber Switch
  • High Test Speed: 5S for 12 core MT connector
  • Easy exchanged between PC & APC,
  • Multi fixtures for most types of connectors      



  • Single and multi-fiber connectors
  • Multi-fiber module



Customizable Inspection Standard

Smartcheck offers many kinds of judgment standards to meet the customized needs of different customers. You can set and adjust the range of the zone, quantity, length and width of the scratches, quantity and size of defects easily, which will save labor time and improve production efficiency.



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