Return Loss Meter lite

Return Loss Meter lite

Lite and really great value! Dimension's Insert Return Loss Meter Lite is a well-developed, cost-effective, mandrel-free insertion return loss integrated tester. It has outstanding advantages such as low investment cost, fast test speed, large test range, good test accuracy, RL mandrel-free, and measurement of shorter fibers. It is a practical and efficient solution for insertion return loss testing at present.

 Main Features

  • Low cost and high performance
  • Fast test speed, dual-wavelength test speed is less than 1s
  • RL minimum detectable down to -70dB (single mode), high test accuracy 
  •  Minimum measuring fiber length 0.7m
  • UI is concise and clear, auto save and upload test data reports
  • Support PC, buttons, touch, USB, network control methods
  • Platform + modular design, convenient for application expansion
  • Rich interchangeable, high reliability detector adapter



  • Fiber patchcord and connector performance test
  • Other optical passive device performance test


Rich interchangeable, high reliability detector adapters



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