OTDR - Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

OTDR - Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

The multi-functional OTDR optical fiber tester of Dimension Technology can help field technicians reliably and cost effectively install, open, troubleshoot and monitor any optical network architecture. It uses OTDR test module + γ architecture of handheld general test platform ,and it integrates OTDR, visual fault location, optical power meter, light source and other applications. It can also expand the end face detection function, realize multi pulse width test + automatic analysis, and has powerful functions to measure the length, loss, connection quality and other parameters of various optical fibers. This series of products, based on the design of Android tablet computer, adopts 5.5-inch color touch screen, which can realize the dual operation of key and touch; At the same time, it also has a variety of connection modes, which can be extended and connected to other test modules and handheld devices of Dimension Technology through high-speed connector interface, WiFi, USB, etc. Or it controlled by PC, with good expansibility and ease of use; Solid and reliable quality is also the consistent adherence of Dimension Technology. This series of OTDR has anti drop design and high reliability, and has become a good tool for various types of on-site optical fiber monitoring.



Main Features     

  • Multifunctional
  • Platform and modular design
  • Intellectualization
  • Extension
  • Small and portable, light weight, one hand operation
  • Fault inspection of communication system at all levels
  • Automatic / manual OTDR mode: multi pulse width test + automatic analysis
  • High speed test, accurate results and high repeatability
  • Simple operation, no training, easy to start
  • Long battery life, unique replaceable smart battery
  • Adapt to a variety of environments



  • LAN/WAN network
  • Metropolitan area network
  • FTTx network
  • Date center
  • Optical teaching and research
  • Fiber / optical cable product and use
  • Access network
  • Enterprise network


The OTDR can be perfectly integrated into the product ecological chain of Dimension Technology. It can communicate through WiFi or USB, use Dimension’s app to control other test equipment and become a main device. Besides, It can also be controlled by other main devices through WiFi or USB to become a test module in a test system.

























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