FUTURE Automatic 5D Fiber Endface Interferometer

FUTURE Automatic 5D Fiber Endface Interferometer

FUTURE is the brand new Automatic Fiber End-face Interferometer developed by Dimension Technology, based on our know-how and experience on the fiber inspection instrument.FUTURE provides the comprehensive fiber end-face measurement functions, including 3D profile, auto focusing, auto calibration, auto APC angle tuning and auto end-face judgment. All testing and reporting can be finished in 1.5 second. New engineering on the structure design guarantees the anti-shocking capability and ultra long life of the fixture. FUTURE is the best choice in the market.

Main Features

  • Capable for both 3D profile and visual inspection
  • Auto focus and Auto calibration
  • 0~12ºAPC angle auto tuning
  • Self-adapted locking fixture
  • Quick measurement
  • Reliable data transmission


0~12° APC Angle Auto Tuning
Benefited with the unique fixture design, FUTURE can tune the APC angle precisely from 0°to 12°automatically, meeting any special requirement on APC angle setting.


Self-adapted Locking Strength

With the special designed self-adapted locking fixture, the strength to lock the ferrule is consistent. The fixture abrasion is limited and the life cycle of fixture is longer than ever before.

Synchronize 3D Profile Measurement and Visual Inspection

The elaborate designed structure enables FUTURE to complete 3D profile and visual inspection at the same moment. The functions like auto focusing, auto trigger and auto calibration simplify the operation of interferometer than ever before. Just lock the connector, FUTURE will complete the rest.




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