UVC Sterilization Box

UVC Sterilization Box

UVC Sterilization Box

Highly efficient and compact UVC Sterilization Box manufactured by GaN Power Tech, Taiwan (in alliance with NTT- AT, Japan).

With high-output and powerful ultraviolet LED (UVC: wavelength 260-280nm), our high-efficiency sterilizer kills 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses on your belongings in just 90 seconds.  

Not to worry about chemical residues as it doesn’t require the use of any chemical substances such as alcohol, etc. Moreover, the UV lamps turn off as soon as you open the lid of the box to ensure your safety and security.

Offers wide storage and evenly sterilizes all the surface with 360°LED radiation. 





  In your home and office

  • Keep it at entrance or in your office
  • Sterilize your belongings whenever you reach home or periodically


At your business

  • Display eyewear, jewellry, watches after trial
  • Combs & scrissors after every use at beauty saloons
  • Locker keys at sports complex / gymnasiums
  • Rental audio guide at museums


Detail Specification
Sterilization time
90 seconds
UV wavelength
UV output
Total 105mW (upper lights 100mW, lower lights 5mW)
Interior size 20.0x9.0x11.0 cm
Power input 5VDC 2A
Power interface USB Type-C
Accessories User manual, AC adapter, Storage cum Carry bag
Exterior size and weight 22.8x13.9x13.8 cm 965g
Product warranty 1 year
Made in Taiwan